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IELTS is the abbreviation of International English Language Testing System. The brand is co-owned by

  1. Cambridge Assessment English
  2. British Council
  3. IDP: IELTS Australia

There are two IELTS exam types;

  1. General Training (GT)- For students looking to emigrate.
  2. Academic (AC)- For students looking to pursue studies in a foreign country.

There are 4 skills tested in any IELTS exam;

  1. Speaking Skill
  2. Listening Skill
  3. Reading Skill
  4. Writing Skill

Both Speaking Skill and the Listening Skill tests are common to General Training and Academic IELTS Exams.

There are two exam types;

  1. Paper Based IELTS exam.
  2. Computer Delivered IELTS exam.

For the both the exams the Speaking Skill Test, is a face-to-face interview.

The exam is divided into;

The Written Exam

  1. Listening Skill Test (40 minutes)
  2. Reading Skill Test (60 minutes)
  3. Writing Skill Test (60 minutes)

The Speaking Skill Test (13-15 minutes)

The IELTS exam is designed, to test your use of the English Language.

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