IELTS Speaking Topics (Jan-Apr 2020) Part 2

The topics below have been reported by students, after the completion of their IELTS Speaking Skills Exam,

The list will be updated, as and when students report them to us.

Please NOTE that the topic list below is not the complete list, the examiners would have more topics to select from.

P.S. You can not ask the examiner to change the topic

  1. A new Public facility in your hometown you would like to visit
  2. Work or sport you have done in a team
  3. A job you don’t want to do in the future
  4. A time when you set a goal
  5. Someone who is good at their job
  6. A time something good happened to you
  7. A celebration
  8. An event you attended full of colour
  9. A time you didn’t tell the truth
  10. A person you would like to meet
  11. A time you met someone for the first time
  12. A member of your family you spend a lot of time with
  13. A time you helped a friend
  14. A time you had to apologise to someone
  15. A time someone had to apologise to you
  16. A journey you made by public transport
  17. A magazine article or online article about healthy living
  18. A time you were travelling but were delayed
  19. A job you didn’t like to have
  20. An item of clothing you enjoy wearing
  21. A time you wore a uniform to work or school
  22. An interesting conversation you had
  23. A challenge you recently faced
  24. A recent performance you watched
  25. A park or garden
  26. A photograph you have in your home
  27. A time you observed a beautiful sky
  28. A time you felt bored
  29. A singer or band you like
  30. Most crowded place you experienced

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